Michael Brown

Contributing Editor, Marketing Professional, Designer and Web Development Specialist – Michael Brown, please visit my store for wonderful products and an incredible business opportunity: Youngevity, our sponsors help support our ongoing operation

VillageBeats is a community of music, knowledge and healing founded in 2012. Utilizing the internet and the vast web of information which it makes available to us, our contributors search tirelessly for the most relevant and pressing stories as well as the most inspirational and thought provoking for the edification of our audience.

The contemporary environment in political discourse and foreign affairs is nearly impossible to understand as only one being. It takes not only a keen and discerning eye to wade through the ever-higher pile of information to find what is important, but also a clear criteria.

Our goal as a media outlet is to empower people with the secrets to a productive and happy life. In order to accomplish in any one persons life, that person must be entrusted with accurate assessments of current events and their impact both local and abroad. Without scope and objective judgement, it is impossible to make intelligent well-informed decisions.The scope of this website is health in its various forms including:

For the individuals

  • Health of the individual body
  • Health of the individual mind
  • Health of the individual spirit

For the community

  • Health of the community body
  • Health of the community mind
  • Health of the community spirit

Most importantly, people must be given the key to health and clarity.

Please seek the advice of several health professionals such as your doctor before starting any nutritional or exercise program.

Michael Brown – Contributing Editor and Youngevity Senior Executive Marketing Director

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  1. Gauhar

    My wife gets so angry at me when I drink that I’m afraid to go home. You know, I try so hard not to wake her up I open the door quitely, tiptoe up the stairs in the dark, sneak into the bathroom to undress and put a little toothpaste in my mouth. Then I sneak into the bedroom, cautiously lift my cover and then the yelling starts. You’re doing it all wrong, says his buddy, I push the door open, turn on all the lights, rumble up the stairs and into the kitchen, get myself a beer from the refrigerator, kick the bedroom door open, burp and say hey ma, how bout a quickie?’ You wouldn’t believe how well she can pretend to be asleep.


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