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IJE: Salt, blood pressure and health: a cautionary tale

Michael H Alderman
Author Affiliations: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology & Social Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Avenue, Bronx, New York 10461, USA. E-mail:

By virtue of its central role in maintaining intravascular and extracellular volume, sodium is essential to human survival. Taste, habit, environment, genes, and behaviour probably all influence sodium intake. In view of the heterogeneity that characterizes humankind, it is remarkable that the vast majority of the world’s citizens, everywhere, given free access to salt, consume between 100 and 200 mmol of sodium per 24 hours.1 Despite this uniformity of sodium intake across all dietary, cultural, environmental, and hereditary circumstances, and the fact that life spans that are steadily increasing worldwide, many authorities now contend that current salt intake is too high by half.

Advocates of universal restriction of sodium intake to <100 mmol/24-h base their case on the belief that this will produce a population-wide reduction of blood pressure which, in turn, will reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. There is even stronger enthusiasm for strict control of sodium intake for hypertensive people. Indeed, these dogma are often preached with a fervour usually associated with religious zealotry. I will argue here that the available data provides insufficient evidence to justify any universal target for sodium intake for either the whole population or for its hypertensive subset. Read More

LinkedIn: 10 Things To Do Every Workday

LinkedIn: I’ve always been focused on performance. I’m a list person. I love the feeling of crossing things off. It makes me feel productive. Plus, consistent productivity has the wonderful byproduct of accomplishing more. Jeff Haden’s recent article on Linkedin summarizes the value of having a daily to-do list beautifully: You don’t wait to do the work until you get the dream job – you do the work in order to get the dream job.

I’ve never shared this list with anyone until now.

It’s the list of ten things I try to do every workday. Yes, there are days when I don’t get them all done, but I do my best to deliver. It has proven very effective for me. They are:

  1. Read something related to my industry.
  2. Read something related to business development.
  3. Send two emails to touch base with old colleagues.
  4. Empty my private client inbox by responding to all career coaching questions within one business day.

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NaturalNews: Children today receive more than 12 times as many vaccine doses than in 1940

Children are being drugged up from every angle these days….

(NaturalNews) It is a fact that children today are far less able and free to develop their own natural immunity through proper nutrition and normal childhood development. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of them, at least in the industrialized world, are bombarded with an obscene onslaught of vaccines before they are even old enough to attend kindergarten. Data compiled by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) reveals that children today receive as many as 49 doses of 14 vaccines before they reach age six, which is roughly 12 times higher than the number of vaccines administered to children back in 1940.

Since 1995, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued yearly revisions to its official childhood immunization schedule, typically adding an increasing amount of vaccines to every new revision. Prior to 1995, CDC issued only periodic updates to its official vaccine schedule, which were typically released every five or six years. But in recent years, the number and frequency of vaccines on the yearly-revised schedule has increased dramatically, as have the number of combination, or multivalent, vaccines being recommended for children.

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Healthy Start with the Healthy Start Pack

Healthy-Start-Pak_420There is a medical condition rampant in America that most doctors do not even recognize. This condition is well known in animals and in humans, but medical doctors seem to have no conception of it! It is a deficiency in minerals known in animals as cribbing and in humans as pica.

Pica can cause an uncontrollable urge to eat and to eat often. This is because no matter how hard one tries to satisfy their cravings, they end up eating more minerally deficient junk food! Now here is the secret: You cannot get all of the minerals and vitamins that you need from food! It is not possible.

Our soils are completely depleted and there is no financial benefit for big-agro to supplement the food they sell to market with all of these essential nutrients. To add all of the minerals to the soil would also be incredibly inefficient and would cause the cost of regular food to skyrocket. Big food producers will occasionally add 1 or 2 nutrients to their food like calcium to milk or iodine to salt, but they will never supplement the food with all of the 90 + essential nutrients that people need every single day.

90 + Essential Nutrients Include:

• 3 Essential Fatty Acids
• 12 Amino Acids
• 16 Vitamins
• 60 + Minerals

The Best Protocol:

Firstly, listen to the CD’s available through this website and read Dr. Wallach’s books. Become familiar with the product and the research so you can make an informed decision and always consult a physician you trust.

Healthy Start Pack – This is the basis of Dr. Wallach’s formula. A person on Wallach’s protocol should take one of these packs per hundred pounds of body weight per month while attempting to correct any nutritional problems. That person should be less hungry causing them to eat less and lose weight as a result. The potential weight loss predicated on eating less calories and relying on the vitamins for nutritional needs. The only way to lose weight is to take in less calories than are burned each day. Do not restrict calories without taking nutrients and remember just because the thought of food comes to mind, does not necessarily mean that though indicates hunger! We have to listen to the messages our body gives us and understand its language!

Try drinking water as a good way to deaden hunger pangs. Many times people think they are hungry when they are actually slightly dehydrated.

There are different types of healthy start packs: weight loss, bones and joints, heart and brain etc. One should take the one that fits the best for them. The most basic is the Healthy Start Pack with no extras. I recommend switching packs depending on what you feel you need help with at the time.

Feel free to experiment, as long as the required 90 nutrients are taken everyday, the bases your bases covered. Find the equilibrium that works the best. If that means switching from the Beyond Tangy Tangerine to the Ultimate Classic or adding some more Majestic Earth Trace Minerals, that is a personal choice we are all free to make.

Let the body and heart be the guide and seek the advice of others including a trusted physician. If a physician can’t be trusted, than find a new one!

Here is an interview with Dr. Wallach discussing the Clemson Study and Marilu Henner!

(NaturalNews) Monsanto wins patent battle with DuPont corporation to seize full rights of GM seed patents

(NaturalNews) Apparently discontent with its more than $13.5 billion-plus in annual sales, genetic modification kingpin Monsanto has been trying for the past four-or-so years to extract billions more dollars from rival DuPont for alleged patent infringements involving its genetically-modified (GM) Roundup-Ready soybean technology. And the agri-giant has apparently achieved this goal, having recently settled its longstanding feud with DuPont in exchange for a massive $1.75 billion royalty payout to be delivered over the course of the next 10 years, according to reports.

As we covered last year, Monsanto has been waging war against DuPont since at least 2002, when the corporate monolith decided that DuPont had violated its licensing agreements by borrowing a Roundup-Ready trait for use in its rival soybean product, known as Optimum GAT. Following the initiation of a lawsuit by Monsanto against DuPont for this alleged infringement, DuPont counter-sued, alleging that Monsanto had illegally obtained its patent on the Roundup-Ready trait in question, rendering it unenforceable.

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(NaturalNews) Report: Many urban tap water systems loaded with SSRI antidepressant drugs

(NaturalNews) As you may recall, the Associated Press (AP) released the results of a groundbreaking investigation it conducted back in 2008 concerning the presence of pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply. In this report, it was revealed that at least 41 million Americans are exposed daily to tap water containing trace amounts of antibiotics, sleeping pills, and even sex hormones. Now, a new report by brings to light the presence of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, in the water supply, and the genetic havoc they may potentially be wreaking on human health.

If you are an avid NaturalNews reader, you have probably already seen some of our many reports on the dangers of SSRIs. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, under his pseudonym Amethios, actually released a music video back in 2012 entitled “S.S.R.Lies” that tackles the issue of SSRIs, and how these potent drugs can severely alter mood and even induce suicidal or homicidal tendencies in those that take them. You can view the music video in the link below this article.

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NaturalNews: Cancer care rationing begins in America as cancer clinics turn away thousands of Medicare patients

(NaturalNews) Federal sequestration measures that came into effect on April 1 are making it impossible for many cancer clinics across the country to administer conventional care to patients, and particularly to those on Medicare. Consequently, thousands of cancer patients with taxpayer-funded insurance coverage are being turned away, according to reports, as clinics simply do not have the capacity nor the funding to administer expensive pharmaceutical-based treatments such as chemotherapy.

According to the Washington Post, many cancer clinics are having to turn away patients without adequate coverage, or else face potential closure of their practices. Since many of the latest cancer drugs now cost upwards of $35,000 or more per year, it is grossly unsustainable to deliver such treatments to patients without adequate insurance coverage — doing so would spell financial suicide for even the most successful and well-funded cancer clinics.

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NaturalNews: Berries, pomegranates shown to have highest anti-cancer activity of any fruits

(NaturalNews) Numerous studies have confirmed that berries are the best foods to maximize your intake of disease-fighting antioxidants, and have also identified the other fruits and vegetables with the highest antioxidant content.

Antioxidants are increasingly implicated as the chemicals behind many of the health-promoting benefits of fruits and vegetables. They act in part by cleansing the body of free radicals, which can cause cell and DNA damage that leads to the effects of aging and to many chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

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The Marilu Show – Debut Date: May 1st @ 8AM, Featuring Music by Michael Brown and Dimitrius

Don’t forget to watch The Marilu Show Wednesday, May the 1st from 8AM – 11AM! The show will cover health, memory and Marilu’s recent television and film appearances.

Music by Dimitrius and myself will be featured as well, so don’t forget to tune in! We look forward to seeing you there!

The Marilu Show - Debut Date: May 1st @ 8AM

The Marilu Show – Debut Date: May 1st @ 8AM