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Today, I Will Remind Them!

Remind Them!

Today, I will remind them!

Take the time to remind the people around you that they matter to you. With the stress of everyday life, it is very easy to forget that there are many people out there that support you and your well-being. Many of those people will never enjoy a face to face meeting with you even though they are helping you from hundreds, perhaps even thousands of miles away.

So today is the day for you to help them remember. Say hello! Visit them! Send an email and remind everyone that we are all in this together!

You do not have to wait until Thanksgiving to give thanks. You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to show your admiration. You don’t have to wait until veterans day to show your support and respect.You don’t have to wait for Martin Luther King Day to celebrate diversity. You don’t have to wait until the 4th of July to celebrate freedom. You don’t have to wait for Presidents Day to remember the wisdom of our forefathers You don’t have to wait for Christmas to remember how important our families are. You don’t have to wait at all!

Take the time today. Tomorrow is simply another chance to do the same.

Youngevity Car Bonus!


Learn to Live Disease Free!

Michael Brown – Contributing Editor

As Dr. Joel Wallach, the world’s most incredible cross-species nutritionist, intuitively discovered when he was only nine years old, every human requires at least ninety essential nutrients everyday to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. So true is this observation and so important are these nutrients to the normal function of living beings that every person and animal that dies of natural causes actually dies of a nutritional deficiency disease! So powerful is the thirst for these ninety-plus essential nutrients that in the absence of an appropriate amount of them in one’s diet, intense cravings develop to be satisfied in many cases by eating dirt or the paint off of walls.

Pica in humans or cribbing in animals is a condition that occurs with a deficiency of certain minerals and/or in subjects with psychological or developmental problems. Dr. Wallach has attributed the epidemic of obesity, which afflicts a disproportionate amount of Americans when compared to the rest of the world, to this deficiency disorder. Sufferers of this condition have been known to crave a variety of both edible and inedible foods, objects and substances not limited to dirt and paint as previously mentioned, but also including clay, chalk, sand, drywall etc. People who have pica may eat to the point of excess in a desperate attempt to locate these minerals such as iron.

Pregnant woman are widely known to suffer from this condition exhibiting telling behavior such as sneaking into the garden in the depth of night in order to eat handfuls of soil seeking the minerals their bodies crave. The disorder is caused by the growing child absorbing nutrients from their mother as they mature leaving her unfortunately, and in some cases, severely lacking in these life-supporting raw materials. Woman subconsciously seeking these nutrients not only crave the stranger combinations of ice cream, cheesecake, Mexican food, sardines and turkey; They sometimes long for small rocks, creepy crawlies and sod. These types of cravings can pose a serious risk as many cases of lead paint consumption have been attributed to pica. For the good of the mother, the child, the family and the society at large, it is imperative that women supplement as part of their daily regime and especially when pregnant.

Inadequate levels of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, cholesterol and the plethora of other life-lending ingredients found in Youngevity’s line-up of youth and vitality preserving products can lead directly to disease and dysfunction. When taken regularly with a healthy meal consisting of low-glycemic indexed and gluten-free food choices and paired with moderate and consistent exercise, one can expect to achieve most health and fitness goals. Without the ingredients for life, how can one expect to keep living late into a productive future?

For every deficiency of one of the ninety essential nutrients, humans can expect to suffer on average a possible ten deficiency caused diseases. That figure multiplied by ninety essential nutrients explodes to a possible nine-hundred deficiency diseases that can be avoided simply by following a strict regime of supplementation! Imagine all of the freedom one can maintain by living intelligently! Think of all of the healthful years one could add to their life through good choices! Seize the moments every day provides!

Try Youngevity!

Always seek the advice of several professionals, in various relevant fields if possible, before beginning any program of supplementation or exercise. Only you are responsible for your own health. Luckily, Dr. Wallach was sent by apparent divine appointment to give health sinners another chance.