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A&E: A Man’s Anus Has Just as Much to Offer as a Vagina and Sin is Logical

Phil Robertson’s Comment:

“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

A&E’s Statement:

“His personal views in no way reflect those of A&E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely.”

Have a Gay Non-Denominational Holiday and Sign up for Obamacare!

For those who do not understand my sarcasm or sense of humor. The title above this article may seem little more than offensive hate speech, but that could not be farther from the truth. It is a shameless marketing ploy.

I don’t care how Christmas is represented on TV or used to pimp out Obamacare to sexual deviants. We all know that the standard of acceptability for public media has dropped into the urinal.

There is only one thing I care about and that is how people are treating their Children and what they are exposing them to. The internet is not a safe place for children, because even the government is allowing this sort of perverted advertising to be created on it’s behalf.

That is because the government simply has no morality, no obligation to protect and not need to be fair. It is a tool to be used and it works best as a hammer. Right now, it is hammering on all of us to accept everything it deems correct. That apparently includes showing your kids a bunch of gay men touching each others butts.

The backwards immorality that the video above points to the blatant disregard for common decency rampant in the mainstream. There are plenty of ways to target the gay community to sign up for state-healthcare without using softcore porn, but Out2Enroll chose the most tasteless route.

Sexual behavior between consenting adults on their own property should not be criminalized. That however is not an excuse to publish overtly sexual material freely where it is easily accessible to children even if it is not a crime. However bad it may be to create this content, allowing kids to access this content is several hundred million times worse. The web is not a kid friendly Christmas wonderland the way that holiday programming on the boobtube used to be.

The government and the gay Obamacare zombies are nothing compared to the parents who let their kids freely roam the internet unsupervised. You want a recipe for disaster? Put a computer in a preteen boys room. You will have the FBI kicking down your door for cyber-bullying, piracy and money laundering through Bitcoin in about two minutes.

Be aware of what is happening in your kids life. Most people are not looking out for their best interest.

Phil Robertson Debates Pajama Boy

Phil Robertson Debates Pajama BoyThe funniest and most telling thing about this contrived Phil Robinson controversy is that MSNBC is now identifying themselves with something called, ‘Pajama Boy.’ Must be a black-site experiment gone bad. Morning Joe itself admits themselves that this ‘boy’ is some sort of cosmopolitan metro-sexual. I guess that is a way to make your side of the argument look appealing….

Does anyone deny that sex was invented mainly for procreation? Also, does anyone in San Francisco really care what some TV celebrity that makes duck calls out of reeds thinks about people who do each other in the buttocks? Does anyone except for me watch Morning Joe? Does it matter to me who a person sleeps with? The answer to all of these questions is unequivocal.

Being gay does not create children, but being straight does not make you special. We know the pros and cons of both and sexing up the wrong gender probably pops up pretty low on the list of mortal sins. Probably somewhere between not loving thy neighbor and leaving the toilette seat up. Either way, Phil Robertson looks like he is three potatoes short of a moonshine recipe and Pajama Boy should get a fucking job and a girlfriend.

It is time to turn off the idiot-box and light the spark within you. Ask yourself what is right and really feel for the truth, because you sure as fuck are not going to gain anything of value from tube-sucking. These drab TV shows and their never ending slew of useless characters were created by writers just as stupid as everyone else. The carnival is fun, but you don’t want it in your house, so close the door on the carnies.

PR Watch: Whole Foods Market Caves to Monsanto

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

After 12 years of battling to stop Monsanto’s genetically-engineered (GE) crops from contaminating the nation’s organic farmland, the biggest retailers of “natural” and “organic” foods in the U.S., including Whole Foods Market (WFM), Organic Valley and Stonyfield Farm, have agreed to stop opposing mass commercialization of GE crops, like Monsanto’s controversial Roundup Ready alfalfa. In exchange for dropping their opposition, WFM has asked for “compensation” to be paid to organic farmers for “any losses related to the contamination of his crop.” Under current laws, Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs) are not subject to any pre-market safety testing or labeling. WFM is abandoning its fight with biotech companies in part because two thirds of the products they sell are not certified organic anyway, but are really conventional, chemical-intensive and foods that may contain GMOs and that they market as “natural” despite this. Most consumers don’t know the difference between “natural” and “certified organic” products. “Natural” products can come from crops and animals fed nutrients containing GMOs. “Certified Organic” products are GMO-free. WFM and their main distributor, United Natural Foods, maximize profits by selling products labeled “natural” at premium organic prices.

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Hospitals, cancer centers now getting women drunk at ‘mammogram parties’ to lure them into having their breasts irradiated

Drunken Mammogram

Drunken Mammogram

(NaturalNews) The cancer industry has apparently become so desperate to recruit new customers that it is now resorting to what can only be described as a type of medical date rape. A number of hospitals and cancer centers across the country are reportedly now holding community-driven “mammogram parties,” a deceptive cancer marketing scheme that basically entails deliberately getting women tipsy or drunk on alcohol with their friends and neighbors in order to entice them into getting medically molested via mammograms.

The horrendous bait and switch tactic is taking place under the guise of “saving lives,” as it is specifically designed for women who feel uncomfortable with getting mammograms, and who would otherwise avoid getting them if it were not for the added pressure of being wined and dined in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Women are being encouraged to “grab their girlfriends” for a night out at the local cancer center, during which time they take turns getting blasted with ionizing radiation in between munching down fancy cheeses and chocolate fondue, and sipping down delectable wine.

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Top Cardiologist Argues We Should Dial Back On Statins Because Of Diabetes Risk

Eric Topol by Getty Images via @daylife

Eric Topol by Getty Images via @daylife

Eric Topol, a well-known cardiologist and professor of genomics at Scripps Research Institute, has broken ranks with many other heart doctors tonight with a New York Times Op-Ed in which he says many patients might want to reconsider their use of statins such as Lipitor, Crestor, and Zocor in light of the risk that these drugs might cause diabetes.

“We’re overdosing on cholesterol-lowering statins,” Topol writes, “and the consequence could be a sharp increase in the incidence of Type 2 diabetes.”

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Lead Vaccine Developer Comes Clean so She Can “Sleep at Night”

Dr. Diane Harper

Dr. Diane Harper

“Gardasil and Cervarix Don’t Work, Are Dangerous, and Weren’t Tested”

By Sarah Cain

Dr. Diane Harper was the lead researcher in the development of the human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix. She is the latest to come forward and question the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.

She made the surprising announcement at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination, which took place in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2nd through 4th, 2009.

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NaturalNews: HIV vaccine infects 41 volunteers, vaccine trials canceled

HIV vaccine infected volunteers in study

HIV vaccine infected volunteers in study

(NaturalNews) Yet another “experimental” vaccine for HIV has proven to be even more dangerous than the virus itself. At least 40 men participating in a taxpayer-funded government study entitled “HVTN 505 clinical trial,” which began in 2009, were recently found to have contracted HIV from the vaccine itself, prompting an immediate end to the deadly trial.

Crafted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the study initially included more than 2,500 men from 19 cities. All the men admitted to either having sex with other men, or to having sex with transgender individuals. Half of the men were assigned to receive the experimental vaccine HVTN 505, while the other half was reportedly given a placebo vaccine with unknown contents.

NaturalNews: Brave food sovereignty heroes destroy 6,000 genetically-modified sugar beets in Oregon

GMO Burning

GMO Burning is so fun!

(NaturalNews) It appears as though some Americans may finally be waking up to the grim reality that calling their politicians and signing petitions is simply not enough to stem the tide of evil that has overtaken this once free country. For perhaps the first time since genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) were introduced back in the 1990s, food freedom activists have literally taken to the fields to destroy them, making a bold public statement that We The People have had enough of being forcibly poisoned by these genetic abominations.

According to new reports, a total of 6,000 GM sugar beets planted in fields in southern Oregon were found uprooted in recent days. On June 8, roughly 1,000 GM sugar beets were found destroyed in fields leased and managed by the private, Switzerland-based biotechnology company Syngenta, while another 5,000 plants on a different plot, also owned by Syngenta, were found destroyed

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NaturalNews: Obamacare to punish healthy eaters as insurance rates double or triple for those who choose to take care of their health

ObamaCare: Overweight vs Healthy

ObamaCare: Overweight vs Healthy

(NaturalNews) According to an analysis just published by the Wall Street Journal, healthy people will pay double or triple their current health insurance rates under Obamacare. Rates for those with chronic disease, however, will be reduced as all the healthy people subsidize their disease lifestyles.

The net effect is that people who choose to follow a healthy lifestyle — eating well, taking nutritional supplements, exercising and avoiding junk foods — will be financially punished by the federal government while those who choose to follow a disease and sickness lifestyle — eating junk foods, taking meds, refusing to exercise, etc. — will be rewarded by government.

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