Have a Gay Non-Denominational Holiday and Sign up for Obamacare!

For those who do not understand my sarcasm or sense of humor. The title above this article may seem little more than offensive hate speech, but that could not be farther from the truth. It is a shameless marketing ploy.

I don’t care how Christmas is represented on TV or used to pimp out Obamacare to sexual deviants. We all know that the standard of acceptability for public media has dropped into the urinal.

There is only one thing I care about and that is how people are treating their Children and what they are exposing them to. The internet is not a safe place for children, because even the government is allowing this sort of perverted advertising to be created on it’s behalf.

That is because the government simply has no morality, no obligation to protect and not need to be fair. It is a tool to be used and it works best as a hammer. Right now, it is hammering on all of us to accept everything it deems correct. That apparently includes showing your kids a bunch of gay men touching each others butts.

The backwards immorality that the video above points to the blatant disregard for common decency rampant in the mainstream. There are plenty of ways to target the gay community to sign up for state-healthcare without using softcore porn, but Out2Enroll chose the most tasteless route.

Sexual behavior between consenting adults on their own property should not be criminalized. That however is not an excuse to publish overtly sexual material freely where it is easily accessible to children even if it is not a crime. However bad it may be to create this content, allowing kids to access this content is several hundred million times worse. The web is not a kid friendly Christmas wonderland the way that holiday programming on the boobtube used to be.

The government and the gay Obamacare zombies are nothing compared to the parents who let their kids freely roam the internet unsupervised. You want a recipe for disaster? Put a computer in a preteen boys room. You will have the FBI kicking down your door for cyber-bullying, piracy and money laundering through Bitcoin in about two minutes.

Be aware of what is happening in your kids life. Most people are not looking out for their best interest.

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