Phil Robertson Debates Pajama Boy

Phil Robertson Debates Pajama BoyThe funniest and most telling thing about this contrived Phil Robinson controversy is that MSNBC is now identifying themselves with something called, ‘Pajama Boy.’ Must be a black-site experiment gone bad. Morning Joe itself admits themselves that this ‘boy’ is some sort of cosmopolitan metro-sexual. I guess that is a way to make your side of the argument look appealing….

Does anyone deny that sex was invented mainly for procreation? Also, does anyone in San Francisco really care what some TV celebrity that makes duck calls out of reeds thinks about people who do each other in the buttocks? Does anyone except for me watch Morning Joe? Does it matter to me who a person sleeps with? The answer to all of these questions is unequivocal.

Being gay does not create children, but being straight does not make you special. We know the pros and cons of both and sexing up the wrong gender probably pops up pretty low on the list of mortal sins. Probably somewhere between not loving thy neighbor and leaving the toilette seat up. Either way, Phil Robertson looks like he is three potatoes short of a moonshine recipe and Pajama Boy should get a fucking job and a girlfriend.

It is time to turn off the idiot-box and light the spark within you. Ask yourself what is right and really feel for the truth, because you sure as fuck are not going to gain anything of value from tube-sucking. These drab TV shows and their never ending slew of useless characters were created by writers just as stupid as everyone else. The carnival is fun, but you don’t want it in your house, so close the door on the carnies.

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